Darth Vader (It’s Not Easy)

When I was at Wesleyan University, I was in a wonderful a cappella group called Waiting in Line. We specialized in “humor a cappella” (Which is musicese for “being funny without instruments”) and performed a number of excellent songs, like “Title of the Song” by Da Vinci’s Notebook, “Short People” by Randy Newman, and a Dr. Dre Medley.


Beyond the wonderful songs that were naturally funny, we also wrote our own parodies of songs that were somewhat popular at the time. One of my contributions was a parody of Five for Fighting’s song “Superman (It’s Not Easy).” I made it about Darth Vader, because he has it pretty tough.


Although it was originally performed by the multi-talented and all-around good guy Patrick Wolf (Wesleyan Class of ’07), I decided to spruce up the lyrics a bit and record my own version. Especially since I haven’t updated this website with anything even remotely musical in about 2 years. My bad.


Anyway, enjoy this wonderful Five for Fighting Darth Vader parody.

Darth Vader (It’s Not Easy)

based on the song “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” by Five for Fighting
Lyrics by Steve Sunu
Background music and vocals from Pro Sound Karaoke Sing Radio Hits 2001 Vol. 4

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